Program Overview

Skills2Succeed is a new program designed to meet the needs of the current manufacturing employers in the London Economic Region (ER). Our goal is to draw job seekers into the manufacturing sector, preparing them with practical knowledge identified by participating manufacturing employers. 

Skills2Succeed is an employer driven, needs focused program. Participants will attend five weeks of training, beginning with orientation and ending with the interview process. The curriculum for the participants is informed and created by employers who are looking to train the participants from the ground up in a way that fulfills their current needs

Why Become a Participating Employer?

We’ve put together a video highlighting EIGHT clear benefits to becoming a participating employer with Skills2Succeed. Now that you know what’s in it for you and your company, find out what you can expect the process to look like. 

Why Become a Partipant

Gain the unique experience Skills2Succeed offers it’s participants to set them up for success. Now that you know what’s in it for you, find out what you can expect the process to look like.

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