What is EmployerOne?

The annual EmployerOne survey allows employers to communicate their combined workforce needs directly to stakeholders who provide solutions. The survey is designed to collect this information while respecting the individual employer’s need for confidentiality and the limited time they have available to participate in the survey.

Benefits of Employer One

Results of the survey are aggregated and shared back with the employers, but also with the local education system working with students, the employment services working directly with job seekers, municipal, provincial and federal levels of government and with local media. This widespread sharing of employers’ workforce views and concerns encourages the various stakeholders to respond appropriately to the needs of employers in our area.

EmployerOne 2019

View / Download the 2019 Employer One Survey Results

London and Area Works and Apprenticeship Advantage

London and Area Works is a partnership of CTV London, the City of London, London Economic Development Corporation, the Local Employment Planning Council, Employment Sector Council, the County of Elgin and Future Oxford. This regional collaboration highlights local opportunities in the labour market, provides useful tips to job seekers and connects them to a range of labour market information and local services in order to help job seekers and employers in search of talent, connect.

Speaking of talent, there is also information for those considering the skilled trades as their career. Information for potential apprentices and for employers planning to hire an apprentice is also available through the Apprenticeship Advantage series.

You’ll find both of these great resources, and more at:

Oxford Invitational Youth Robotics Challenge

Oxford Invitational Youth Robotics Challenge is a community-based partnership founded in 2005 to give youth hands-on experience in design, construction and team problem solving by building and programming a robot for an industrial-type task. Through this exciting project youth are encouraged to explore the many rewarding careers available today with manufacturing companies in Oxford County and the surrounding area.


Local labour market information for London, St. Thomas, Woodstock and surrounding counties.

What you will find on

  • Career Information and job postings from local employers.
  • Local labour market data from government resources & other sources.
  • Education and training information from local institutions and colleges.

Local Employment Planning Council

The Local Employment Planning Council is a workforce planning partnership that is a catalyst for economic and labour market development, building solutions and engaging multi-stakeholder alliances.